Friday, 15 September 2017


Author : Malorie Blackman

Pig heart boy is about the life of a thirteen year old boy.With a condition where he has to have a heart transplant to be able to continue his life.However there are not enough human doners for Cameron's transplant to be carried out.THere is also a nother older woman who need that same doner as Cameron but she has a lot more things than he has.She has two children and a husband and she wants to see her children grow up.Camron cannot do as many things as a Norman thirteen year old boy can do.He cant go swimming,he cant play football he cant do exertion sports that a normal kid would do.Tere was one time in the book when him and his friends went swimming.While the other 4 friends where playing underwater together.Camoron was on the side of the pool just watching them have so much fun.So then he decide to. Go and have a dip and as soon as he got underwater his heart started to race really fast and it started to burn and hurt his lungs so he had to come back up to the surface.Camrons parents had lots of arguments because of his condition but it wast really his fault.

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