Friday, 24 February 2017

An extremely long time ago , flatland was yellow. In Flatland there was a  purple panda . The panda was called Tom . He said 'i like strawberries but i hate bananas. And  then suddenly a random human popped out of a bush nearby. He said, 'Let's play table tennis!'
The panda said 'no'.
After some carful thought the human said "do you wanna play roblox".The panda replied 'no i have disease and only have two days to live and dont want to waste my time playing that stupid game".Sadly, the human disapeard and never cam back. Weirdly the human never gave away his name. He also never told him were he came from.
The second the human left, the panda put on some shades and started playing Roblox. Out of nowhere, the Ipad turned off. It had zero percent. A ,couple of moments later a super awesome alien  UFO ship appeared in the sky. Anticlimactically, the UFO  gave the panda a charger. So he decided to charge his ipad.Because  the charger was alien it overloaded the ipad with power and it exploded. 

The  end. 

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